Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hard Drive Recovery Associates Publishes Post on Internet Privacy Concerns with Browsers

Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a data recovery services company in Irvine, California, has announced that they have recently released a blog post that focuses on Internet privacy concerns with browsers. It is good that developers of today’s browsers have been making some changes to help protect users’ online privacy. The most popular browsers have introduced several tools that can help in protecting the user from first-party and third-party tracking cookies. Other efforts have been focused on fingerprinting, which tracks the user by gathering details about the user’s system configuration, which are then converted into the user’s “fingerprint.”

Jack Edwards, a representative for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, explains, “The most used browsers have come up with a number of tools to help in protecting you from first-party (used for things such as retaining your login information) and third-party (mainly used by advertisers to get information and track your behavior online) tracking cookies. Other efforts are directed towards fingerprinting, which tracks you by collecting details about your system configuration, which are then turned into your ‘fingerprint.’”

For its part, Mozilla Firefox has introduced Enhanced Tracking Protection, which is a customizable feature. Firefox has already been blocking trackers as early as September 2019. The new feature blocks trackers based on a list of known trackers, known as the Disconnect List, which means that not all third-party trackers are blocked. However, this feature also blocks those cookies that track across websites.

Meanwhile, Google Chrome’s December 2019 release, known as Version 79, had to do with improving the security of passwords. In the February 2020 update, known as Version 80, Chrome introduces a new system for sorting cookies and blocking them. This new feature will still allow first-party cookies but third-party cookies would need to have a same-site setting. This will make sure that secure connections are utilized to access the sites.

With regards to Microsoft Edge, its latest update also focuses on user privacy. Many people have praised the privacy settings of the new Edge because they are supposedly easier to use and understand compared to the privacy settings for Chrome. However, in January 2020, Google announced that the Chrome browser will no longer be supporting cookies in 2022. Observers noted that the decision to no longer accept cookies may encourage browser fingerprinting. This is a technique by which websites are able to identify a particular user through a digital fingerprint, which is based on the unique characteristics of the user’s system. Fingerprinting can occur because websites can force the browser to provide innocent-looking but mostly unchanging technical information about the computer system, such as the operating system, the screen resolution, or the fonts installed.

Meanwhile, Hard Drive Recovery Associates is a company that provides a broad range of data recovery services. Since their establishment as a server repair shop in 1992, they have been providing their services for various kinds of computer storage devices, ranging from digital backup tapes to external hard drives, and portable music players.

There are three primary types of hard drive data recovery services that they have focused on. These are the laptop hard drives and external hard drives; Mac hard drives; and server and RAID data. They have been offering data recovery solutions to a wide range of customers, from the simple housewives to the CEOs of the top companies worldwide. They have been providing their services to a wide range of business types, from convenience stores to huge manufacturing facilities. They know that all customers, big or small, are basically concerned on how the data can be recovered safely and effectively, and this is what they provide.

Because of their broad experience, they know various recovery methods that not all data recovery firms know about. As such, they are able to differentiate themselves from the crowd by offering a guarantee that there will be no charge if no data is recovered.

Those who would like to know more about the hard drive recovery services being provided by Hard Drive Recovery Associates may want to go to their website, or contact them on the phone, or through email. They are open 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.

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