Thursday, July 25, 2019

Data Recovery Company Publishes Two New Blog Posts

Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a data recovery company based in Irvine, California, has announced that they have published two new blog posts. One article discusses the need to regularly check the hard drive. The other article presents certain apps that can be used to recover a deleted photo on the iPhone. The data recovery firm regularly posts such articles to provide helpful information that people can use when they have concerns regarding their stored data.

The article titled, “Have You Checked Your Hard Drive Lately?” advises people to regularly check their hard drive because of the possibility that it is about to crash. It is possible that all the indicators of an impending failure are there but the computer user is probably not aware of them or ignoring them. There are currently six free sites that can be used to help check a hard drive. It should be noted that these sites will only detect issues with the hard drive but will not prolong its life.

The article titled, “Looking For A Deleted Photo On Your iPhone? Try These Apps,” presents a number of iPhone apps that can be used to recover deleted photos. While recovering a photo from an iPhone is not as easy as recovering data from the Mac, there are certain apps that can be used. Meanwhile, for Mac data recovery, it is often advisable to get the services of a trained technician.

Jack Edwards, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Associates, says, “We’re happy to announced that we have published two more articles that can help people with regards to their data storage problems. The article about checking the hard drive is helpful because most computer users are usually are not aware of the hard drive working in the background, until it finally crashes. The other article is helpful for iPhone users who have accidentally deleted a photo on their phone. The problem with the iPhone is that it does not have a Recycle Bin like the one in Windows where deleted items can still be recovered. Nevertheless, there are apps for the iPhone that can be used to recover deleted items on the iPhone.”

A hard drive failure is one of those events that can make a computer user feel stressed because of the possible loss of valuable data. Fortunately, it is still possible to recover the data from hard drives that have crashed, even when a computer repair shop has declared that it to be impossible to recover it. Hard Drive Recovery Associates provides a wide range of data recovery solutions. They have more than 20 years of experience in data recovery and they are so confident of their ability that they offer a simple guarantee: no charge is made if no data recovery was done.

Also, the company does not charge for recovery diagnosis. They have a 24-hour toll-free support line that is always open to customers from anywhere in the US. Their engineers at Hard Drive Recovery Associates are so well-experienced that they have practically encountered nearly every type of data loss scenario.

Meanwhile, they also offer specialized data recovery services for people in Santa Ana, Irvine and the neighboring Orange County areas. These services are useful for businesses as this means immediate and free server pickup for RAID recovery and repair jobs. For consumers, this means a completely equipped laboratory that is situated directly off the I-5.

They focus on three main types of hard disk recovery. These are external drive and laptop recoveries; server and RAID data recovery solutions; and Mac data recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates has been offering its services since 1992, initially as a server repair shop. They have been able to provide their services to a wide range of customers, from housewives to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, from convenience stores to huge manufacturing facilities.

People who want to learn more regarding hard drive checks and data recovery from damaged hard drives and other services provided by Hard Drive Recovery Associates may want to visit their website or they can contact them by email or through the phone.

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