Friday, April 26, 2019

Hard Drive Recovery Associates Demonstrates The Use Of Windows Data Recovery Service

Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Associates recently shared their extensive knowledge in the industry to help Windows users easily recover their lost data. Conveniently for all those interested in learning more, the company has shared these tips on their website, teaching visitors how to recover and undelete files in Windows.

Sooner or later, any user that spends a considerable amount of time using a computer is bound to encounter a situation where they delete a file that they're not supposed to. Whether it's an important work document, a school paper that is due tomorrow, or an irreplaceable family picture, chaos ensues as the user tries to find out where their file has disappeared to.

Common knowledge dictates that once something is deleted from a computer, it is gone forever. This is not quite correct as, more often than not, it is a relatively simple process to recover deleted files. Experts like HDRA know what steps to take and what tools are available to recover lost data, and users can employ some of these techniques by themselves at home. If all else fails, however, a user may have to resort to visiting a technician to recover their lost files.

In their article, ’How to recover deleted files in Windows,’ Hard Drive Recovery Associates covers the different paths that users can take to recover lost files in Windows. This varies from simple solutions, such as checking the Recycle Bin on a Windows computer, to some of the more complex tools. The article also has further advice for users in case none of their suggested methods work.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates also shares some preemptive measures that users can take to avoid losing important files, as there is a limit to what they can do to recover their data without visiting a professional. The company recommends that the capacity of the Windows Recycle Bin is increased, since files no longer go through it before they get deleted when it is full. If this occurs, a more complex method of recovery is needed. Another recommendation given by the company is to enable Windows system restore, allowing the user to revert Windows to a version prior to the deletion of a file, thereby aiding its recovery.

HDRA offers free 24-hour hard drive support, as well as free hard drive evaluation to help determine whether or not an user’s files can be recovered free of charge, with a simple fix. For those cases where a hard drive disk data cannot be recovered by the user, the company offers a guaranteed No Data Recovered, No Charge service. They affirm that 95% of the time, they are able to recover their customer’s data.

As hard drive failures are often catastrophic, possibly causing the loss of invaluable data, Hard Drive Recovery Associates has geared their company towards offering, “The quickest, most affordable hard disk recovery solutions in the industry,” ensuring that their customer’s valuable data will not be lost forever. They further assert that, “There is always a solution that will ensure that our customers valuable data is retrieved safely and effectively.” This is possible thanks to the company’s team of engineers, all of whom are experienced with nearly every kind of data loss scenario.

The services of the Hard Drive Recovery Associates aren’t limited to Windows OS recovery solutions alone, as they are also capable of performing data recovery for Mac operating systems. The company recently published an entry where they talk about ‘The Power of SSD’ to speed up old Mac devices, as an affordable alternative to buying a new computer.

In the article, the Hard Drive Recovery Associates addresses the advantages of using an SSD, or a Solid State Drive, to upgrade older Mac computers. This proves to truly be an option to consider, as the use of an SSD can speed up many functions of a computer, extending the lifespan of the user’s Mac. Of course, replacing the older Mac device with a newer version, and upgrading it with the use of an SSD is also an option for those with an ample budget.

The article also touches on what what Mac users should do when their device’s hard disk starts presenting failures. As a Mac is much more delicate than a regular computer with Window’s OS, it is better to leave everything in the hands of experts who will ensure that both the data and the Mac itself do not sustain any further, irreparable, damage.

Those who wish to have their data recovered by a professional may contact Jack Edwards of Hard Drive Recovery Associates to contract any of their services, or visit the company’s website for further information. HDRA is also active on various social media platforms.

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